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The members of Burning Helix have been implementing user-friendly, high-traffic, industry standard, dynamic web solutions since 1997. We can take a project from twinkle-in-the-eye concept to completion, re-work an existing site and if required collaborate with internal or external designers to make your web dream a reality. Whether you have a rough blueprint for a website or an existing website that needs updating and reworking, we can provide a quick turnaround, delivering to brief and within budget. By giving you the ability to edit the content, but not the structure of the website, database driven sites allow companies to reduce their web publishing costs by transferring maintenance tasks in-house. We have specialists in the area of databases from large to small, simple to complex, internal or external, directly accessible or via the internet/a web browser.

We are happy to create a design for you, follow a house-style, work with internal or external designers. For instance after completing a needs analysis we can brief a preferred design partner that is equally at home with developing high information density designs as well as more aesthetic and artistic styles. Coupled with our e-marketing and social media expertise we make successful websites a reality. Our web developments are Google ready, SEO optimised to make the most of the various web services provided by Google. We have helped a variety of companies increase their productivity and profitability via their web site and internet presence.

If you're in Prague we can come to you. If you're further away we will be able to communicate with you remotely via a telephone call or the internet. Please don't hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.

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