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E-Marketing & Social Media

Our ideas have helped many clients expand market share and boost their web site traffic. It's not all high-tech though - we are also able to produce designs for physical products such as business cards, leaflets and posters - we can manage the whole process for you, right to your target's post box, web browser or hand-held mobile device. All companies can benefit from evaluating the way the internet can maximise their "share of customer". The internet coupled with effective use of technology gives you the ability to market to customers in small, large or specific, targeted groups. A quick example: the "Notify Me" feature for out-of-stock products implemented in one of our web projects has dramatically increased sales and repeat visits to a client's online store.

The internet and e-marketing are pre-requisites for any company in the modern world. From overall branding, digital/physical communications, web presence to effectively utilising social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

We even have a separate graphic design subsidiary if required. If you're in Prague we can come to you. If you're further away we will be able to communicate with you remotely via a telephone call or the internet. Please don't hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.

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