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  1. Apple Macintosh / macOS (Mac OS X)
  2. iPod / iPhone / iPad / iOS
  3. Cross platform networking and Microsoft (Windows) technologies
  4. Networking/broadband, data backup/archiving, security and virus-protection
  5. Asset Management / Software Licensing
  6. Project Management
  7. Other

  1. Apple Macintosh / macOS (Mac OS X) Return to top of page
  2. Whether you have an all Mac network or a mixed network of Macs and PCs, we can help. With any project, big or small, you can be sure that we have all the skills needed to fully leverage your technology investment. Whether you are still running Mac OS 9, older versions of Mac OS X (10.1 to 10.11) or the very latest macOS 10.12 (Sierra) we can help specify, advise on, install, migrate, setup, configure and where required support parts or all of your systems.

    We have worked closely with Apple computers since System 7, through Mac OS 8 and 9 and also throughout the entire history of Mac OS X from 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 (Jaguar), 10.3 (Panther), 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan) through to 10.12 (Sierra). So we understand how they do and don't work together, what the differences are, the sort of problems you will encounter and ultimately how to make your transition from one to the other as smooth and as painless as possible. Or, of course, simply how to get the best from what you are currently using.

    • Transition & Migration Return to top of section
    • Are you moving from legacy software to the latest software? Are you planning on buying new hardware/software? Are you upgrading servers or in need of a proper network/broadband internet connection? Often you need help managing this kind of transition and this is where Burning Helix can help…

    • Fonts Return to top of section
    • Tired of managing your fonts or don't understand why there are five different places to install your fonts? Need help with legalising font usage / licensing fonts. We can help!

    • Mac OS Software Applications Return to top of section
    • Do you use Apple's own software applications such as Photos, iLife (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iWeb, Garageband), iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), Final Cut Express/Pro/Studio, Aperture, Logic Express/Pro? Or do you use Microsoft, Adobe, QuarkXPress, FileMaker Pro products or maybe even want to try and stop spending all your money on such products. Burning Helix can help.

    • Mac OS Hardware Accessories Return to top of section
    • Monitors, keyboards, mice, graphics tablets, printers, scanners, (Time Machine) hard drives, iPod / iPhone / iPad products can all be connected to a Macintosh. USB 1/2/3, USB-C, FireWire 400/800, Thunderbolt, SATA/eSATA, IDE/ATA, DVI / mini DVI / DisplayPort / mini DisplayPort / HDMI confusing you? Do you need help with specifying, checking compatibility, locating, purchasing, installing, configuring such products? We can help!

    • Airport (802.11 Wireless Networking / Wi-Fi) Return to top of section
    • Tired of network wires? Need to put a computer in an unwired, obscure location? Or would you like to wander around your office environment and still be able to access network/internet services with your laptop, iPod, iPhone, iPad? Whether it is at your desk or someone else's desk, in the meeting room, while having coffee in the chill out zone, or even potentially just outside the office sitting on the grass in the summer. Wireless networking gives you this potential and Apple's industry standard "Airport" networking makes it all possible. Burning Helix can help you realise these desires and since Airport is based on industry standards we can even get your Windows computers to join in the fun too…

    • Apple Remote Desktop Return to top of section
    • Using Apple's Remote Desktop software you can control or observe Macintosh "client" computers on a network remotely using an "administration" computer. This capability is based on TCP/IP so it can even work over the internet. The capabilities of this software are far reaching and can be used for administration, security, remote software installation and even training purposes to name but a few! Learn what this powerful product can do for you by contacting the Burning Helix team…

    • macOS / OS X Server Return to top of section
    • macOS Server is Apple's modern server suite product and as it is based on macOS (OS X) (which in itself is grounded on UNIX). It is very, very powerful but with this power comes a degree of complexity. It offers a range of services including File, Web (site), FTP, Email, Calendar, Contacts, Caching Server, Profile Manager (Client Management), Time Machine, Xcode Server, Wiki Server and Xsan. We can help you with any or all of these technologies however simple or complicated…

  3. iPod / iPhone / iPad / iOS Return to top of page
    • iPod, iPhone, iPad (mini/Pro) Return to top of section
    • Apple's iOS devices have changed the arena of portable products once and for all. However, they are not quite the same as a desktop/laptop computer and we can help you specify, implement, integrate with your existing setup, use and ultimately manage these great products properly and successfully.

    • iOS Return to top of section
    • Need help with upgrading or implementing iOS devices including asset tracking, assigning software/hardware, App Store licensing, Mobile Device Management (MDM), security and configuration? Do you need advice or help with programming for iOS products/creating your own apps? We are here to help…

  4. Cross platform networking and Microsoft (Windows) technologies Return to top of page
    • Integrating Macs into PC networks and vice versa Return to top of section
    • "Macs don't work with Windows PCs" - this statement is plain and simply wrong! The reality is quite the opposite in fact, especially with macOS's Windows integration and compatibility options. Networking is now all based on industry standards, Windows Servers can share files and printers to Macs, Mac servers can share files and printers to Windows PCs, Macs can run Windows software via virtualisation, Macs have access to other Microsoft Technologies such as Remote Desktop (Terminal Services), Office, Servers, Exchange, SharePoint, Live Sync, Messenger, Silverlight. At the end of the day it is simply knowing how to get all this working together in harmony. Burning Helix knows how…

    • Transition & Migration (from Windows to Mac) Return to top of section
    • If you are switching from Windows to Mac the process doesn't need to be a hassle. There are many ways we can help you make this a smooth journey without losing data, time or even your hair. For help contact us before, during or even after your switch…

    • Microsoft Windows Server Return to top of section
    • If you have or will need a Windows Server but you want to share files with your Macintosh computers too then this can be done as older Windows servers support SMB or have the option of "Services For Macintosh". Windows Server 2008 has dropped Services For Macintosh but of course support the default SMB connectivity. There are also third party solutions. We can help you configure everything so that you can integrate your Macs into a Windows network.

    • Microsoft Office Return to top of section
    • With Office 365, 2016, 2011, 2008, 2004, v.X, 2001, 98 for Macintosh and Office 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 for Windows there are many different versions available. There are also different versions of Office for Macintosh (e.g. Home and Student, Home and Business, Volume Licensing, Student and Teacher, Standard, Professional and Business editions, Exchange capable and non-capable) along with standalone products, upgrades and various licensing schemes. Burning Helix can help you through this maze and make sure you have the right product to work most effectively and compatibly with your colleagues whether they are on a Mac or a Windows PC.

    • Virtualisation Return to top of section
    • Need to run Windows software? With an Intel processor based Macintosh you can use virtualisation technologies to do just that. It runs standard versions of Windows (all the various flavours - even at the same time if need be) and thus allows you to install and run Windows only software on your Macintosh computer. Burning Helix can help you with such a solution.

    • Microsoft Exchange Server Return to top of section
    • Need your Macintosh/iOS device to work with Microsoft's Exchange Server for such collaborative technologies as centralised email, calendar/diary, contacts and Global Address Books? There are built-in, Microsoft and third-party solutions for macOS and Burning Helix can help you with this from licensing, configuration and setup plus user/technical training if required.

    • Microsoft Remote Desktop Return to top of section
    • This free client software allows you to control a Windows XP Pro or higher computer remotely over a network/the internet. It also allows you to access Windows Server "Terminal Services". This technology offers a variety of solutions for many different scenarios and Burning Helix are ideally suited to help you with it…

  5. Networking/broadband, data backup/archiving, security + virus-protection Return to top of page
    • Networking/broadband Return to top of section
    • Hubs, switches, ethernet, wireless, Wi-Fi, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, gigabit, TCP/IP, IPv6, routers, ADSL, optical fibre, broadband, 3G+4G / internet tethering, remote access, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Virtual Network Computing (VNC), internet, servers, email and even dial-up are just some of the things related to networking. The network is the central nervous system of your IT strategy and thus it is not something you want to get wrong. Burning Helix can help you get it right and also be prepared for the future. We can help with all aspects of your networking requirements…

    • Data Backup/Archiving Return to top of section
    • Your data is the heart of your business. Without it you would be lost! If you lost what you currently had you would be back to square one and most likely in serious difficulty. Backing up your data is vital but what do you backup, how do you backup, what do you need and what is the most effective way of accomplishing this? Burning Helix will aid you with your backup strategy from single user data duplication to server/remote based backup to safe, secure media that can be taken off site and stored in a fire proof location!!!

    • Security Return to top of section
    • Good security is a requirement for all progressive businesses and Burning Helix can assist you with best practices for user passwords, data protection, firewalls, proxy servers, internet filtering, email, virus/malware protection, data backup, network security, asset disposal and document erasure. Security is not just about viruses - it is about your users, software and the physicality of your equipment. We can also guide you with best practises and company policies that involve information technology and/or the internet.

    • Virus/Malware Protection Return to top of section
    • In an internet connected world where viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware exist Virus Protection is paramount. We can help you learn how to protect individual machines, servers, entire networks and even automate some of these processes to save time and money.

  6. Asset Management / Software Licensing Return to top of page
    • Asset Management/Software Licensing Return to top of section
    • With so much software and so many upgrades and so many different licensing options how do you manage it all? Burning Helix has a variety of Asset Management solutions to fit small companies with a few computers right up to very large corporate networks. On top of this we can help with licensing headaches. Where and how to buy from approved resellers and how to maximise your purchasing power…

  7. Project Management Return to top of page
    • Project Management Return to top of section
    • If you have a big project such as a move to macOS / OS X or the integration of Mac and Windows PCs Burning Helix can help you every step of the way and even manage the project for you which means you can get on with your work while we handle the complicated technology.

  8. Other Return to top of page
    • Email/Collaboration Servers Return to top of section
    • Central to networked users are email and/or collaboration servers. Email is ubiquitous with modern computer technology and Burning Helix can help you achieve your on line email goals whether your requirement is simply a good email client software package through to hosting and running your very own email server. Collaboration servers take this a step further with central management of contacts, customer relations data, databases, calendars/diaries, personal information, knowledge working, shared workspaces or intranet based services. Burning Helix can help you piece together the capabilities you need to work effectively and efficiently. We will work with you to identify your shared resource goals, specify and assist you in procuring suitable hardware/software, install, configure, setup users and, of course, support and train your staff where required…

    • Database development including FileMaker Pro / MySQL Return to top of section
    • We have specialists in the area of databases from large to small, simple to complex, internal or external, directly accessible or via the internet/a web browser.

    • (Developing your) Web Presence Return to top of section
    • The internet and e-marketing are prerequisites for any company involved in the web. From branding, communications, your web site to utilise social trends such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. We even have a separate graphic design subsidiary dealing with all this for you --> Gracy Design.
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