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Rates / Billing / Payment


If you can provide a verified European Union VAT registration or you are located outside of the European Union rates are without VAT. In all other cases Czech VAT will be applied at the current rate of 21%. Time is charged rounded up to the nearest 15 minute/quarter hour interval so 20 minutes of service will be charged at 0.5 hours, 1 hour 35 minutes of service will be charged at 1.75 hours.

Our standard hourly rate is:
= 605.00Kč including VAT (151.25Kč per 15 minutes/quarter hour).
= (at local shared office) 725.00Kč including VAT (181.25Kč per 15 minutes/quarter hour).
= 500.00Kč excluding VAT (125.00Kč per 15 minutes/quarter hour).

Hourly Rate
VATCzech Crowns
GB Pounds†
US Dollars†
500.00with VAT21%605.0019.7927.3922.99
599.17with VAT
at local office
500.00no VAT0%500.0016.3622.6319.00
† - approximate exchange rates are shown here for your convenience. Actual exchange rates will be charged at the time of issuing the invoice via OANDA Exchange Rates

Please Note:


You will be issued an official invoice (electronic and/or paper) for any work we carry out.


Unless otherwise agreed in advance, payment must be made within 7 days. Payment can be made in the following ways:


In person, in any of the following currencies:

Bank Transfer

To our Czech bank account in Czech Crowns / Český Koruny / Kč / CZK only. If you pay in a different currency all fees must be paid at your end/side.

Credit Card

You can only pay by credit card using PayPal to our PayPal account.


We accept the following currencies via PayPal:

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