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Graham founded Burning Helix in 2001. Prior to the lead role in Burning Helix he had an employment history including blue-chip companies such as Apple and Microsoft as well as many years experience as a technical consultant to companies in the publishing, design and architecture industries. Graham has represented Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit at training and exhibition events in the UK and Europe.

He has amassed a great deal of knowledge and technical expertise in Apple related products including Macintosh, Mac OS 9/X, iPod, iPhone, iPad and iOS. He has held industry qualifications such as MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and ACSE (Apple Certified Support Engineer).

All of this has led him to consult on and/or manage either as internal projects or working with external clients, small/large IT installations, cross-platform networking, server configuration, project managemement, training and the development of databases, web sites and software applications.

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