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Puzzler Media

This very successful publishing company merged with a major multinational publishing company and also moved to larger premises in the South East of England. This meant a complete refresh of their IT systems and the purchase of Apple laptops for all their editorial and design staff. Burning Helix was involved from an early stage in 2001 and continued to be involved until 2017 when the company changed focus and started to move their IT infrastructure to Scotland. We supported the company with on-site visits and remote support for staff members located all round the world including Ireland, USA, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. Although Puzzler Media's backend network runs Windows servers and other non-Apple technologies Burning Helix helped them integrate their Apple hardware and software into their existing systems including publishing workflow, fonts, intranet, networking, security, printers and proofing, file servers, email and collaboration servers (Exchange), backup, FTP, remote access, VPN and the iPhone/iPad. In addition Burning Helix helped with the transitions from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X, all versions of macOS up to 10.12 Sierra. We also helped with licensing, installation and maintaining the running of the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office software application suites.


One of the world's biggest IT companies produces software for the Apple Macintosh platform. To sell their macOS products they require people that have world class marketing, customer facing, presentation and technical skills. This worldwide software and hardware developer utilised Burning Helix for their Macintosh product focused Expo and conference requirements throughout Europe including:

  • Expos and Exhibitions
    • Mac Expo (London, UK)
    • BETT (London, UK)
  • Resellers and Retailers
    • Apple Store (Cork, Ireland)
    • Computer 2000 (Basingstoke, UK)
    • PC World Business (Manchester, UK)
    • Cancom (Guildford, UK)
    • MacWarehouse (London, UK)
    • Fusion (Glasgow, UK)
  • Press and User Groups
    • Future Publishing (UK)
    • London Mac User Group (UK)
    • European User Groups (London, UK)
    • Dutch Press Event (Amsterdam, Holland)
    • Swedish Press Event (Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Launch
    • Press Tour (UK)
    • Sales Training Materials
    • Launch Day (London)
    • Technical Sales Training (for Apple UK's Sales Team)
    • Technical Sales Training (Manchester)
    • Technical Sales Training (Glasgow)
    • Xmas In Summer event (UK)

Burning Helix increased this client's unit sales, helped maintain sales momentum and have been a major factor in their marketing campaigns, press events, expos and exhibitions due to our customer facing skills, technical knowledge, cross platform integration skills, future orientated ideals and Apple Macintosh technology awareness.

Apple UK

Due to Burning Helix Limited's extensive knowledge of cross-platform (macOS and Windows) technologies, Apple UK hired Burning Helix to give a side-by-side sales and technical presentation to all levels of staff at Apple UK's corporate headquarters in Slough. This covered the launch of major Windows operating system vs macOS.







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