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Burning Helix was set up in 2001 for two specific reasons:

  1. To help you save time and money.
  2. Our consultancy, technical support and training services are available to help you in all areas of your business. We are small or large scale problem solvers, project managers and (technical) consultants helping you to achieve your desired results quickly and efficiently. Need help? Contact us now.

  3. Develop projects to completion.
  4. We believe in efficiency, technology, the future and thinking BIG! We are continually developing ideas and projects, both of our own and of our clients' that impact organisations, specific sets of people or the public in general through the use of standards based technologies. Got an idea? Need help developing the next big thing? Contact us now.

Company Profile

Burning Helix Limited was formed in 2001 by Graham Needham.
Burning Helix s.r.o. was formed in 2006 in the Czech Republic as our central, European Union office based in Prague.

We are EU VAT registered and can invoice in UK Pounds Sterling, Euros, US Dollars or Czech Crowns according to your preference.

Out motto is:

"Make it happen!"

Work With Us!

Burning Helix actively seeks to forge co-operative relationships with suppliers of complimentary products and services, or companies seeking to broaden their offerings to existing customers. We look to work co-operatively in a number of ways - either through finder's fees, commissions or simply subcontracting. If you are interested in working with Burning Helix in one of these ways, please contact us.
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