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We offer a uniquely personal service to all Apple users and businesses - click/tap on the menus above to see our range of services. We can help, advise, assist with supporting you and your problems. We can customise our time to fit your requirements and needs - it may even be possible to help you in the evening and/or on the weekend. Even though we are based in Prague in the Czech Republic we are native English speakers and can potentially help you wherever you are in the world, remotely via the internet, using such technologies as VOIP/Skype phone calls / join.me / LogMeIn / Apple iMessage Screen Sharing. If you're not sure about us why not read our testimonials.

We've been in business for 19 years and some of our staff have been supporting Apple products for 28+ years. We are a fully registered limited company in the European Union. You can securely contact us and we will come to you (fast service for central Prague). Our rates are available online to see before you book our services.

We also run the free Apple information web site MacStrategy. We are planning to offer a regular newsletter with special offers soon.

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